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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy (QHSE)

Bluestone Alliance Company Limited is committed to carrying out all its business and operational activities in a responsible manner. All business activities must ensure the health and safety of people, protection and preservation of the environment and quality of our products and services.

Management shall show leadership and ensure that all employees of the company adhere to this policy at all times. As a company, we commit to:

  • Promote and demonstrate leadership commitment and personal involvement in ensuring the health and safety of our people at all times, the protection of the environment and the delivery of quality products and services to our customers;
  • Set Quality and HSE performance objectives, measure results, assess and continually improve processes, services and product quality, through the use of an effective integrated management system;
  • Openly communicate with our business partners and stakeholders to ensure an understanding of our QHSE policies and objectives;
  • Empower and support all employees and subcontractors with the right to intervene and STOP WORK or refuse to work in situations where conditions or practices are deemed unsafe;
  • Plan for and maintain vigilance and readiness to prevent and, when necessary, respond to and effectively manage Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality risks, threats, incidents and/or emergencies that may disrupt our business;
  • Minimize our impact on the environment through pollution prevention, reduction of resource consumption, reuse of resources where applicable and recycling of waste;
  • Meet specified customer requirements and applicable codes and standards, thus ensuring continuous customer satisfaction; and
  • Actively contribute to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic progress, therefore impacting positively on the communities in which we operate.

The above shall serve as guiding principles in our business standards and procedure. This policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure its continues relevance to our business operations. This policy is applicable to all employees of Bluestone Alliance Company Limited, subsidiary companies and any subcontractors.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development (CSR)

Our bespoke CSR program is targeted at Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in deprived communities with special emphasis on gender parity. As an engineering and technology driven company, the CSR programs are geared towards promoting interest in STEM courses in basic and secondary levels. The company supports activities such as science fairs, quiz competitions, excursions, provision of teaching and learning materials as well as sponsorship packages for students.

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